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Last update, 9 May 2005.
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Welcome to the Postcard FAQ! This file contains some answers to the most frequent questions that have come up in the postcard group/mailing list. Contributions and suggestions regarding this document can be directed to Carl Seiler. Many thanks to Cathy Hoaglund for creating the FAQ in the first place and to Alan Brushaber and Marcel Marchon, who maintained it for quite some time.

Where can I get this?

On the World Wide Web. The site is now hosted at:

Contents of the FAQ:

Recent updates:
27 Dec 2001--added links for more libraries and museums.
1 Jan 2002--updated Canadian postal rates, minor editing of US postal rates section, including proposed changes that may occur in late 2002.
12 Jan 2002-- edited instructions page slightly under "How do I subscribe (unsubscribe) to the list?" and updated the info on Postcard Collector under "What are some good postcard magazines?"
1 March 2002--Edited and clarified entries under etiquette and the introduction. Added one abbreviation. Added a link to more Internet abbreviations. Pointed out that TIC is historical. Attempted to 'anti-spam' munge the email addresses. Removed references on this page to the old FTP and TEXT versions of this FAQ.
2 March 2002--Removed my name as the person mailing out the trading roster.
7 March 2002--updated German and Irish postage rates. Attempted to update old Netherlands postage rates.
24 March 2002--updated Teich URL.
25 March 2002--updated Picture Postcard Monthly info.
31 March 2002--updated Books section.
3 April 2002--changed email address.
15 June 2002--prepared for US postal rate changes.
30 November 2003--corrected link to IFPD.
6 March 2004--corrected postage rates for Germany.
17 October 2004--removed email address of Picture Postcard Monthly at their request.
9 May 2005—began process of moving to new server from
Updated bad URLs.

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