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Note: I am no longer adding dealers to this page. I'm sorry, but it just takes too much time to maintain, and I already have dozens of requests that have come in before yours. This list was put here long before Yahoo and other search engines had many postcard dealers listed. Links pages such as this were vital to the way the web worked. Now, with search engines and the like, these types of pages are no longer so necessary. It takes too long for me to deal with the dozens of requests from collectors and dealers I receive every month. This list is considerably smaller than it once was since many dealers have gone out of business and I have removed them, or they've moved their site without leaving any indication of where it went. I will not be adding more links to this or other sections on this page except perhaps for dealers who have been particularly instrumental in obtaining cards for me personally. Please do not ask to be added. I don't care if you have 200,000 cards in stock and are the largest dealer in Romania. This policy has been in place since October 1999. I have tried to make it more clear on 17 August 2001.

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